A Shared Culinary Experience!!!

Courses, Connections, Collaborations, and more...

Take Your Culinary Skills to the Next Level.

The Lafayette Kitchen is a New Community Sharing Experience for Chefs & Foodies Alike.

The Lafayette Kitchen provides chefs with everything they need to accomplish their goals and a whole lot more. The sharing experience of The Lafayette Kitchen provides members with something much more valuable than just access to a registered commercial kitchen, fabulous courses, and top of the line equipment.  Expert knowledge transfer, industry best of class connections, and hands-on collaborations with like-minded entrepreneurs and food-enthusiast members are where the real magic happens. Register now to receive updates on pre-launch specials and upcoming Lafayette Kitchen happenings.

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The Lafayette Kitchen is coming soon and will be offering both professional and aspiring chefs with tools of the trade to refine their culinary desires and sharpen their game. Submit the form to register now and get updates on pre-launch specials, progress updates, and upcoming Lafayette Kitchen tasty happenings in the coming months.

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